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The Ground Up Show

Nov 22, 2017

Do you believe in the impossible?

Ever since I started my podcast I knew there was one story I wanted to tell. There’s one person that has the ultimate ground up story. One person that has come from nothing and yet created so much. He’s a man that continues to give back and shows what’s possible with the right attitude. His name? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

But there’s a problem:  The Rock is an international super-star & probably the busiest person on the planet. Me? I’m just a guy with a podcast that no one listens to. How the hell am I going to achieve this oddly specific dream?

That’s where you come in. I’ve created a website with a huge tweet button that auto-generates new messages for The Rock. I believe with the right energy, the right message, we can inspire The Rock to come on my podcast. And if we can do that… we I think we can inspire the world.

Oh yeah and in this episode I answer questions from the audience.